The 3 Stands™

of the Nurtured Heart Approach®

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with Howard Glasser, Creator of NHA

The 3 Stands of NHA

1. Absolutely No!

I refuse to energize negativity. I will not accidentally reward negativity with my energy, connection, or relationship.

2. Absolutely Yes!

I will relentlessly create and energize positivity and
success. I’m going to energize and nurture first-hand
experiences of appreciation, recognition and

3. Absolutely Clear!

I will set and enforce clear limits and clear
consequences in an unenergized way.
I will always provide
a true consequence.

Parents. Teachers. Treatment Professionals.

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Are you a Parent, Educator or Treatment Professional who cares for what could be called a “Challenging Child?” If you are, then you know that traditional methods of discipline, or even self-esteem building practices, often fall hopelessly short of the real goal – helping children use their intensity in successful ways and build their sense of Inner Wealth®.

The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) is used in thousands of homes, schools and child-care advocacy agencies around the world to effectively do just that: transform even the most difficult child to use their intensity to “act out” their greatness, rather than seeking connection through chaotic behavior.

NHA is a simple, effective and clear set of strategies to help all children flourish. It is based on the core methodology of The 3 Stands™.

In this free 3-part video eCourse, Howard Glasser, creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach, will share The 3 Stands of the Nurtured Heart Approach and how to implement them in the most practical ways. You will get one video at a time, allowing you a chance to practice what you learn. In just a few short video sessions you will have some real “aha” moments, inspiring you to transform your relationships with the children (and adults) in your life.

There is hope . . . and a valuable toolbox. Beginning the journey is quick, easy and FREE – So sign up to the left. Discover how the Nurtured Heart Approach can transform your relationships, your home, your school, your workplace, and your community.

Once you register using the form to the left, your 3-part video course starts immediately. Every 3 days, a video lesson will be delivered directly to you via email. Take this time to immerse yourself in these foundational principles for helping children use their intensity in successful ways. Apply these keys of NHA, and begin to forge a path to transformation.

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