Jangala Tribal Warriors: BILINGUAL VERSION

Authors: Sherry A Blair, MSSW, LCSW, BCPC and Nancy Azevedo Bonilla, MSW, LCSW


The Jangala Tribal Warriors series is based on the concepts in Tribal Warriors for middle and high school youth. Children are better off when they learn at a young age how to handle their feelings, conflicts and how to have healthy and strong relationships. The concepts are based on positive psychology, a heart-centered use of language and rational thinking skill building. Children learn about non-violence and peaceful living in an effort to stand against violence and for peace and harmony. Most importantly the focus is on their strengths and what is going strong rather than what goes wrong. Building children up from the inside out creates “inner wealth” and in turn creates healthy, positive and nurtured heart families, schools and communities. The accompanying facilitator’s guide provides step-by-step guidelines for implementing in classrooms and programs developed by our Lead Creator, Kelly Hollywood-Lehman and Sherry Blair. Jangala is the Sanskrit word for jungle and in this story our Jangala is the rainforest situated in India. Rainforests represent just one of the beautiful natural systems we need in our environment. The Jangala Tribal Warriors live and care for the Jangala and realize at a young age how we are interdependent with our environment. They learn about living, growing and learning from the heart as a way to relate to one another and the characters, although unique and diverse in their own special way, see each other at the heart and soul level. They embrace the beauty of their differences yet interact and relate on common ground. We are honored to introduce The Nurtured Heart Approach® developed by Howard Glasser as the language the characters use to speak to one another. Jangala Tribal Warriors Series begins with Living Growing and Learning from the Heart and presents The Nurtured Heart Approach® as the universal language in the tribe. Two of the younger characters, Nina and Gabby get entangled in a conflict that stemmed from teasing and we learn how the entire tribe stands together to make change for the better.


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