Igniting Greatness: Remembering Who We Really Are Through the Nurtured Heart Approach


Book by Howard Glasser. Make the Nurtured Heart Approach a personal practice of seeing the Greatness in oneself and transform your relationships.

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Over the years, Howard Glasser noticed that applying the principles and practices of the Nurtured Heart Approach to himself, a kind of re-parenting in the mode he knew to be most effective at bringing forth a child’s greatness, had a powerful impact. Although he always considered himself a highly positive person, Howard had a realization that under pressure and under the stresses and gravity of life, he was actually self-critical and negative thinking. The Nurtured Heart Approach evolved into a personal practice that shifted him from to an expansive focus on seeing and growing greatness, both within himself and through all his relationships. He found himself drawn powerfully into self-talk that went beyond any standard version of positivity. From this, he developed a greatness practice that could be taught to others. This book is a revealing and transparent exploration of this practice.

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