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Parents & Care Givers

NHA provides a practical method to support parents and care givers in making children feel seen, noticed and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the family. The Approach is used family-wide as a new “operating system” in which each person is empowered to create healthy relationships and build a new sense of individual Inner Wealth™. It increases connectedness, decreases family stress, and moves parents out of destructive cycles of increasingly punitive discipline.


NHA is specially designed to support teachers in coping with difficult students, helping create an environment of learning success for all children where the Common Core Initiative can thrive. It equips teachers to provide a rich flow of recognition and clear structure in classrooms, creating dramatic shifts in classroom culture and providing a strongly positive social-emotional framework. Both behavioral and academic success are more attainable for students in an NHA classroom.

Downs Syndrome boyhaving speech therapy
Treatment Professionals

Family Therapists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, and School Psychologists who use NHA in their practices report dramatic, rapid shifts in clients who have not responded to other methodologies. By providing space for individuals to experience successes in any moment, professionals using the NHA move from a focus on problems to intentional creation of in-the-moment success. The result is helping a client create a new sense of Inner Wealth, beyond the experiences of the past.

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