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October 20, 2017
Topic:  Passionate About Preschool
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Stephanie Rule,

Former School Counselor, Master’s Degree in Counseling

Nurtured Heart Approach Advanced Trainer

Stay at Home Mom of 2 

We are back with an exciting Fall and Winter line up and invite you to join us again this month for a wonderful conversation on “NHA and the Juvenile Justice System” with Stephanie Rule as our host, and our guests, Kellie Knodel and Nancy Gomez

Kellie, has a Psychology degree and worked with high school students as a youth minister for 2 years before realizing that 3-5 year olds were a better fit for her. Kellie started teaching at St. John Christian Preschool and completed a Child Development Associate Degree. She took her first Nurtured Heart Approach® class in 2012 and started using the approach at preschool and at home with her daughter Lillie. Kellie is currently in her 9th year of teaching preschool.

Kellie became a Certified Trainer at the Fargo CTI in July of 2016 and her 6-week old son Levi attended the training with her as well. Since then, she has been teaching classes to parents and educators in Fargo, ND. Kellie lives with her husband and 3 children, ages 7, 4, and 1.

Nancy Gomez  is an Advanced Trainer in the Nurtured Heart Approach. She attended her
first CTI in January of 2012, and the second in January of 2015, both in Tucson. Her initial drive to learn
NHA was her girls. She has three daughters Deeana 15, Madi 12, and Leeah 7. She soon realized the approach
worked in her  career as a Head Start Teacher. She says, “I have worked with YDI Head Start for a total of fourteen years, and I also taught preschool at Kirtland Air Force Base for eight years; giving me a total of 22 years
in the field of Early Childhood Education.” She has an AA in Early Childhood Multi-cultural Education and
and AA in Child, Youth, and Family Development. I am currently working on my BA in Education Studies
at Grand Canyon University.
“The approach has changed my life and I continue to use it daily with my children, in my classroom, and
most importantly with myself. I’m not perfect, but now I am aware, and I know how to reset myself back
to greatness.”


We are nearing our 5 year podcast anniversary and invite you to drop by the BlogTalkNHA Channel and choose from one of our archived podcasts.  They are available on demand 24/7 at our BlogTalk NHA Channel.

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