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June 16, 2017
The Lifespan Journey with NHA
Inner Wealth for All – Fear Less Parenting of Teens, 15 -19
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Stephanie Rule,

Former School Counselor, Master’s Degree in Counseling

Nurtured Heart Approach Advanced Trainer

Stay at Home Mom of 2 

We are thrilled to invite you to join us again this month for another wonderful conversation on “Fear Less Parenting of Teens 15-19, Part 2” with Stephanie Rule as our host, and our returning guests, Catherine Stafford and Alastair Gardiner.  

Catherine Stafford, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a busy private practice in Mill Creek WA and is a Nurtured Heart Approach advanced trainer, parent coach and author.  As a clinician, Catherine has worked with kids who present with challenging behaviors for over 25 years and has a passion for supporting children and teens with intensity.  Raised as the daughter of a special Ed teacher, Catherine has a special heart for those who are highly sensitive and/or neurodivergent.  Catherine is steadfast in her refusal to participate in the model of deficits, labels and problems and instead supports healing hearts and aligning kids with the best of themselves, both through individual counseling and parent support.  The foundation of Catherine’s practice is Nurtured Heart Approach and she believes she would not be in the mental health field today if she had not discovered NHA.

Catherine is also the mother of four children, a daughter 20 and boys 18, 15 and 10.  Nurtured Heart Approach has been the heart of her own family for a decade and while not always perfect at living it, she credits her family “success” to living the tenants of NHA every day.  She is most proud of the love her children hold for each other and particularly loves watching the kids navigate into teen and young adulthood with a strong sense of inner wealth.

Alastair Gardiner, with a twenty-eight-year career in delivering outstanding outcomes for children and families, Alastair is recognized as a leading international voice in transforming challenging family homes, educational and childcare settings. Having held several high profile senior management positions in the UK he has worked tirelessly to improve the life chances of children and young people.

Alastair is the Managing Director of Nurtured Heart Approach UK which is responsible for overseeing the successful implementation of the Nurtured Heart Approach® across many childcare and educational services in the UK. With his specialization of working with children and young people who display challenging, aggressive, and violent behavior, he has been able to utilize NHA to dramatically reduce the number of challenging and violent incidents which occur in the family home and workplace. The main focus of his work is creating environments which can be free from conflict, physical confrontation, and restraint.

Alastair’s extensive operational experience has provided him with the expertise in translating NHA theory into best practice. He empowers parents, educators, and childcare practitioners to think creatively about implementing NHA strategies and techniques while providing clear, straight talking advice on navigating situations of conflict.

Alastair is an engaging, informed and humorous facilitator who travels internationally to deliver training on the operational implementation of the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Alastair lives in Manchester, UK with his wife Lindsey and his three sons Cameron (19), Finlay (17) and Brodie (5).

If you missed May’s podcast, you can listen to it here.

We will be taking a short hiatus (July and August).  We invite you to drop by the BlogTalkNHA Channel and choose from one of our archived podcasts.  They are available on demand 24/7 at our BlogTalk NHA Channel.

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