NHA Fidelity Agreement

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NHA Fidelity Agreement:


Every person who embarks on the process of NHA Certification Training Intensive is first required to sign the NHA Fidelity Agreement.

Fidelity is an overall reference to consistency among those teaching Nurtured Heart Approach®, so as to be teaching and conveying the approach in a predictable, reliable and consistent way.  It ensures that anyone learning NHA, anywhere in the world, is receiving virtually the same information. Of course, every NHA Trainer will be bringing their own voice, energy and experience to the endeavor of sharing this model and method and that is the beauty of the process. Fidelity is paramount when teaching NHA as this Approach is used in research, published materials, schools and child-advocacy agencies all over the world.

In order to teach NHA in fidelity, CSF provides Certified/Advanced Trainers access to the standardized NHA teaching curriculum: Visual Training Modules (VTMs) hosted on the NHA Trainer Network, an online resource. All Trainers who have completed their certification will be provided a registration link for the NHA Trainer Network.

Please direct any questions regarding fidelity to: DirectorOfTrainerNetwork.CSF@gmail.com

The Children’s Success Foundation (CSF) is the designated agent charged with upholding the integrity and teaching of the NHA in a consistent, fair and professional manner.

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