What is an NHA Advanced Trainer?

An NHA Advanced Trainer is someone who has participated in the NHA Certification Training Intensive at least twice, first as a Certified Training Track and then in the Advanced Training Track. After successfully completing all components of the Advanced Trainer Track, they are awarded the designation of NHA Advanced Trainer.  The rights and privileges they earned as an NHA Certified Trainer are renewed for another three (3) years:

  • Publicly Training others in NHA
  • Access to the NHA Trainer Network
  • Using the NHA brand in their business and marketing

What is CTI Advanced Training Track?

NHA Advanced Training Track is a leadership program offered at the 5-day NHA Certification Training Intensive designed to help you use the Approach in your world more effectively as a leader.

During the Training, you will step up to serve as a coach and mentor to those participating in the Certification Training Track, challenging you to become a leader of budding leaders. NHA Advanced Training has special components that will deepen your understanding, improve your leadership skills, and clarify your goals for next steps in your NHA leadership.  In addition to participating in all of the CTI activities and General Session NHA teachings, you will benefit from:

  • Participating in daily Advanced Trainer coaching sessions designed to help you “Notch Up” your NHA mentorship skills.
  • Explore your “growing edge” and practice your coaching and implementation skills as you lead daily breakout sessions for those participating in the Certified Training Track.
  • Participate in a professional or parenting panel that forwards the conversation of how NHA is used in various settings.
  • Form alliances with other like-minded Advanced Trainers and grow your effectiveness as an NHA agent of change.

Taking a leadership role is essential in truly embodying the Approach, discovering what you don’t know, and finding the answers to your advanced questions. This is where you shine as leaders of leaders.

Advanced Training is designed to be an annual event (a minimum of every three [3] years to keep certification in good standing) for those committed to shifting their world using NHA. Stay inspired and current in your understanding of the Approach, reunite with your NHA colleagues, and continue to “Notch Up!”

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