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WISCNews.com –  Sauk Prairie School District Works to help children’s mood  features the Nurtured Heart Approach®.  “Chanda Kulow, principal at Bridges Elementary, said ‘Nurtured Heart is an approach that can help kids regulate their emotion or behavior without using technology. It teaches them to just breathe and be in the moment…'”  Read the full article here.

FamilyEnhancement,LLC –  Taking Parenting To Heart appeared in the weekly magazine, Family First The Jewish Woman’s Weekly.  This article was shared by Certified Advanced Trainer, Yael Walfish.  (September 2017)

BustedPencils.com – Listen in to this featured interview as Tammy Holtan Arnol, Michelle Slekar and Paula Wick share some air time talking about the “Nurtured Heart Approach®” with “intense” children as an alternative to traditional classroom and parental discipline. Listen to the interview here.

ADDitudemag.com – Take a peek at these NHA mentions in this online magazine providing strategies and supports for ADHD and LD


ChicoER – Summer school for teachers?  You bet!  And NHA is the subject.  “As a teacher, you always have the option to keep learning, but you don’t have to. It’s a choice,” school support coordinator and presenter Scott Lindstrom said. “This group has taken three of their summer days to be here.”  Trainers, Marylyn Holbrook, Shannon Krelle, and Kristine Schroeder were the NHA guides.  Read the article here.

WSCA – Ruth Greiber, Certified Trainer’s article, An Agent for Change: The Greatness Revolution is published in the May 2016 newsletter.  “How long can you go without feeding negativity with your energy?  I bet that once you enter the greatness revolution, you won’t want to stop…”  You can read the whole article here in the Wisconsin School Counselor Association online publications.  (May 2016)

Awakin.org –  In his own words, Howard Glasser was a “doozy of a kid — as difficult as they come.” Having known all too well the ins and outs of a challenging childhood, for the last 20 years, Howard has been fueling a Nurtured Heart Approach of working and communicating with children.  Listen to this recording here.  Transcript and blog post coming soon  (March 2016)

Area Women Magazine – Sarah How, Advanced Trainer is the Feature Article in the February 2016 edition.  he 8-page feature gives a beautiful glimpse of Sarah’s heart and passion for loving richly on every person she encounters and tells the amazing story of her family’s adoptive journey.  The article will be available online soon.    (February 2016)

NHA in the UK:  Alastair Gardiner shared this news with the Foundation recently-

 Paul Maguire (Certified Trainer) and his staff team introduced NHA into a very challenging children’s home in 2009 with great success and they have recently received their fifth Outstanding inspection report. They are now in the top 3% performing homes in the country. This was recognised at a national level and two weeks ago they were visited by a number of Members of Parliament and government advisors from the Education Select Committee. They are responsible for monitoring Sir Martin Narey who is conducting a national review into residential childcare on behalf of the government. They were really impressed by NHA and how this could improve the quality of outcomes for children and set a template for creating relationships in care environments.

The Children’s Minister Edward Timpson has also highlighted the positive impact of NHA in relation to a long standing piece of work I have been involved in with Adoption Matters North West and Caritas Care in creating a Centre of Excellence for Post Adoption Support. This has involved training over two hundred adoptive parents and social workers across four different local authorities.

It’s fantastic news that NHA is beginning to receive some recognition at a national level and we are keen now to build on this success. We are hoping this will be the tipping point of eight years hard work in integrating NHA into mainsteam care and education services.  (February 2016)

The Jamestown Sun – Additional North Dakota schools take the “nurtured heart” approach.  Trainers Mike Romans and Rosemary Hardie are featured in this article.  Read the article here.  (November 2015)

Lutheran Services in Iowa – LSI Families Together worker and Advanced Trainer, Gaylene Vickers is helping families become more successful.  Read “Megan’s Big Parenting Stepshere.  (November 2015)

Wahpeton Daily News – Build a Richer Bond with your Child. Advanced Trainer and Zimmerman School principal, Rose Hardie shares more about the Nurtured Heart Approach in this news article.  She says, “The Approach helps parents take on a new perspective when they look at their child and their interactions with their child, that things are going right.”  To read the full article, click here.  (Oct 2015)

StCloudTimes.com – Learn to build stronger kids – Advanced Trainer & CSF Director of Trainer Network, Tanya Fraizer shares, “Parents are hungry to help their kids … and they’re hungry to have a different way to manage kids other than just another punishment…,” she said.   The impact goes beyond the kid. Fraizer said the approach can work even if applied inconsistently, like at home but not school, or with one parent but not the other. Of course, consistency is usually better.”  To read the entire article, click here. (Oct 2015)

Mad in America –  Combating ADHD – The Mechanics of Medication Free Parenting.  As a guest blogger, Howard Glasser says, “There is an epidemic that has quietly gained momentum. There are so many smart, loving and ‘good’ parents who are progressively loosing traction with their children, where the relationship is insidiously slipping away, and the day-to-day reality of having things go well has long since past, let alone the prospect of enjoying uplifting and connected time together….”  For the full article, click here.
August 30, 2015

ConnectVerona.com – This year, it’s personal.  Advanced NHA Trainer, Tammy Holtan-Arnol, “…has been a major proponent of NHA and provided trainings, more time to focus on spreading NHA by changing her position to focus entirely on that. The board approved that change at its Aug. 17 meeting.”  For the full article, click here.

New Jersey Department of Children and Families:
DCF Awarded $12 Million SAMHSA Grant to Support Children’s Mental Health Services Expansion
Grant Provides Opportunity to Enhance Lives for Youth with Behavioral Challenges

July 23, 2015

TRENTON – The New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) has won a $12 million grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to assist with mental health services for youth with complex behavioral health challenges.  The grant’s award period stretches from September 2015 to September 2019.

“The Federal government has provided New Jersey with a transformational opportunity to not only move the Children’s System of Care forward, but to make an even greater difference in the lives of youth with complex behavioral health challenges and mentally ill youth,” said DCF Commissioner Allison Blake.

During the project’s first year, DCF’s Children’s System of Care (CSOC) will introduce two trauma-informed interventions: Six Core Strategies for Reducing Seclusion and Restraint Use and the Nurtured Heart Approach. Middlesex, Morris, and Sussex will serve as pilot counties.

The pilot project’s four measurable goals aim to:

  • reduce the percentage of youth in the system of care who require multiple episodes of out-of-home treatment;
  • reduce the percentage of youth who re-enter treatment after discharge from an initial treatment episode;
  • reduce the average length of stay for youth in out-of-home treatment from 11.5 to 9 months; and
  • analyze and understand the impact of each type of system investment in order to make future resource allocation decisions.

Read the entire release here.

DRACMA-April 2015 – Certified Advanced Trainer, Carmen Kennett is featured in these photos.

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Vivian Barajas

Ceres kids call on their inner greatness to develop grit


In the 7 Mindsets Blog article How to Instill Intrinsic Motivation cites NHA for the solution of “Find them doing things right.”

How to Instill Intrinsic Motivation


Dr. Sandy Newmark, an integrative physician and proponent of NHA, in the podcast from The People” Pharmacy cites NHA as part of the process of treating the whole child as an alternative to Ritalin.

Podcast: Treating ADHD Naturally


Tucson Star January 10, 2015, Controversial Psychiatrist to Speak in Tucson. Dr Peter Breggin will be keynoting at the Greatness Gala on January 23rd and will also speak on Saturday at the Global Summit, being held in Tucson at the University Park Marriott.

Chico News & Review, November 6, 2014, Energizing Good Behaviors featuring Neils Wright, Certified NHA Advanced Trainer and Special Education Teacher. This really provides a new way of looking at difficult behaviors and difficult kids as less that they are difficult and more that they have this incredible intensity,”… “and our job is to help guide them to where their intensity builds success.” Read the entire article

Gold Coast Kids, October 30, 2014, Nurtured Heart Approach Australia. Coralie Nathan, an attendee shares her viewpoint of a recent workshop offered by Bart Traynor, Director and Founder of NHA Australia. Read More

NY Times, New York City, NY – October 29, 2014 One Boy, 17 Official Incident Reports and a Better Kind of Discipline. Written by Louise Sloan. “My son figured out this secret when he was 3 and has kept his teachers focused on him ever since….” Read the entire article.

Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks ND – October 28, 2014 Nurtured Heart Approach Strategy Transforms Difficult Children “Raising kids to believe that they are valuable, good, competent and able to cope and succeed in life is the goal of parents, educators, counselors and every person who touches the lives of children in a meaningful way…” Featuring Tanya Fraizer, Trainer Outreach Director, CSF.

Globe Gazette, Mason City IA – October 5, 2014  Veteran Elementary Teacher – Featured article – “It’s a really wonderful job and I’m really happy doing it, because spending time with kids is the best.” Cynthia Hansen.

Sacramento Bee, Sacramento CA – August 31, 2014 – Jordana’s Story –  Featured article – “I thought I couldn’t do it. They said, ‘We think you can; try it out, we’ll help you.’ So it guided me toward potential that I didn’t even know I had.”  Read on…Advanced Trainer Jennifer Lotery played a large part in helping Jordana grow and accomplish so much.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/static/sinclair/jordana/index.html#storylink=cpy

WCCORadio-MN – April 3 2014 – Jordana Green interviews Howard Glasser about the feature article in the April edition of Esquire, The Drugging of the American Boy. An archived audio recording of the interview is available online at WCCO Radio. Click on the 10pm show for April 3.

Esquire Magazine (April 2014) – Featured article, The Drugging of the American Boy by feature writer, Ryan D’Agostino, shares additional insight into the Nurtured Heart Approach with Howard Glasser as one of the contributors. The Drugging of the American Boy

En Familia – Nicaragua magazine feature article, Corazon Nutrido with Carmen Kennett, Advanced Trainer, Counselor in Private Practice sharing an introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Sam Healy – You Tube video on Positive Psychology, Nurtured Heart and Difficult Children – YouTube.com

Las Vegas Review-Journal – Las Vegas NV: Mom Shares Program to Reach Troubled Kids
Julie Katz, Certified Trainer, Parent and coach shares an introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach in this article. Julie Katz

Fox5- Las Vegas NV: Parenting 101- The Nurtured Heart Approach. Julie Katz, Certified Trainer, Parent and coach shares an introduction to the Nutured Heart Approach in this clip. Julie Katz

Wheelock Blog-Aspire Wire – Boston MA: The Nonconformist Wild Child
Sam Healy, Certified Advanced Trainer, Social Worker shares this blog article he authored. The Nonconformist Wild Child

Wahpeton Daily News – Wahpeton ND: Elementary Students Show their Greatness
Sarah How, Certified Advanced Trainer, School Psychologist, Author and Adoptive Parent shares bits of her recent photo shoot for her new book. Elementary Students Show their Greatness

TEDx – Fargo:  Igniting Greatness: The Nurtured Heart Approach
Sarah How, Certified Advanced Trainer, School Psychologist, and Adoptive Parent shares the the Nurtured Heart Approach in her TEDx talk.
Igniting Greatness:  The Nurtured Heart Approach


BlogTalkRadio – The Inclusive Classroom:  Bringing Out the Best in Kids with Autism
Catherine Stafford, Certified Advanced Trainer, Parent Coach and licensed therapist shares the Nurtured Heart Approach in this interview.
Catherine Stafford on bringing out the Best in Kids with Autism


Stand Up ND: The Nurtured Heart Approach and Bullying
Tanya Fraizer, Director of Outreach and Trainer Liaison for the Children’s Success Foundation sharing her perspectives of how the Nurtured Heart Approach is bullying prevention in pure form.
Tanya Fraizer on the Nurtured Heart Approach and Bullying


WCCO 830 AM Radio:  Alternatives to ADD/ADHD Medications
Howard Glasser, Creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach, John Hines, WCCO Radio 830 Morning Anchor


Washington Times article:  Noted Pediatrician says ADHD Can Be Treated without Drugs
Dr. Sandy Newmark, author of ADHD without Drugs
Washington Times

KARE 11 TV Segment: Cool in School — The Nurtured Heart Approach at Winsted Elementary, MN
Stacy Nielsen
Winsted Elementary, KARE 11

Nurtured Heart — Building on Positives in Challenging Children
May Sagbakken, Albuquerque Public Schools
Building on Positives in Challenging Children


Nurtured Heart NEA Grant
Alison Awai, NEA Grants
Alison Awai-1; Alison Awai-2


Nurtured Heart Approach Grows a Following
May Sagbakken, Albuquerque Public Schools
Albuquerque Public Schools, Nurtured Heart Approach Grows a Following


Mad in America
Howard Glasser
Mad in America – 3 Reasons Asking “Why” can Fuel Problem Behaviors


Mad in America
Howard Glasser
Mad in America – 3 Reasons Medication Should Be A Last Resort…


The Changing Behavior Network
Howard Glasser


Howard Glasser
Fox26 News


Tanya Fraizer
Nurtured Heart Approach®


Debra Kruse
Nurtured Heart Approach® is Changing Behaviors, Stress Levels at Columbia Middle School in Grand Rapids MI



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