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The FriYAY Shout Out is posted every Friday featuring trainers who have been nominated by their peers.  We invite you to join us in celebrating each and every one!
Today’s FriYAY!

Vicki Feltz and Mizzier Campbell-Gilmore have been nominated by Paula Wick for this fri-YAY!

YAY for Vicki and Mizzier! Show them some love y’all!

Paula writes:
I nominate Vicki Feltz and Mizzier Campbell from Northside Elementary School in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin for a fri-YAY recognition. Vicki has embraced the Nurtured Heart Approach® as a school counselor and leader. Mizzier is an instructional assistant specializing in behavior support whose first language is love. Since becoming certified at the Madison Certification Training Intensive (CTI) this summer, these two are lighting up their school. They have just completed a six-week training with more than 20 staff members and have plans to share the Approach with parents this spring. They also have their staff reading and discussing the Transforming the Intense Child Workbook. In addition, Vicki sends out videos and other inspirational material to colleagues on a regular basis. And Mizzier assures the staff, “Give me a call,” with the promise of working with the rest of the class so a teacher can attend to relationship building as needed. Northside is brimming with positivity and collaboration as Mizzier and Vicki lead the staff on their Nurtured Heart® journey.

These two complement each other with the greatness of bravery, organization, leadership, collaboration, empathy, optimism and LOVE as they join hands with colleagues to meet the needs of Northside students.

Vicki and Mizzier, we recognize you for supporting your community and INFUSING NHA into it. Along with our applause, you’ll be receiving a little gift from the Children’s Success Foundation.

The Children’s Success Foundation is excited to hear about other Trainers who are living and breathing the Nurtured Heart Approach. Send your nomination for a fri-YAY Spotlight to; include the Trainer’s name and why you’re nominating this Trainer.

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