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“ Reclaiming At-Risk Youth”


(Since the filming of this video, Frank is now the former Executive Director of Legacy Training Institute and has now transitioned to a full-time private practice: Positive Culture Change.

Congrats, Frank!)

The children who find their way to Legacy Treatment Services (LTS) are the ones who have failed . . . failed in school, failed at home and failed in their community.

Frank Picone supports those children in changing course by building their portfolio of Greatness through the Nurtured Heart Approach®.

His success is reflected in the facts:  increased classroom attendance, decreased in-school suspension, increased staff retention and 86% of the youth leave LTS and return home.

Additionally, since implementing NHA, students are no longer expelled from the LTS School.

Frank’s motto is: “When you hear what’s right with you, you live what’s right with you.”

Teaching children to focus on their strengths and their successes has worked so well for the youth, that under Frank’s direction and guidance, LTS has adopted Nurtured Heart Approach as its organizational culture.

Through NHA, not only do the students find the connection they want through positive behavior, the staff finds that the work environment is enhanced.  Under Frank’s supervision, every new employee is trained and supported in NHA.  And just as the youth learn that there is nothing to gain with negative behavior, his staff is happier devoting their energy to success.
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Frank, We Celebrate Your Greatness!

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