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The Film: Introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach®



Meet Howard Glasser, Creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, as he introduces you to this globally-acclaimed relationship-based method for building inner wealth in all children and helping challenging children use their intensity successfully. In this short film, child-advocates and experts from around the world, share with you the impact that the Approach has had not only in their professional practice, but in their lives. Get a precious first hand glimpse of children who know the greatness of who they are and how the adults in their lives that have nurtured this truth.


Please share how the film has inspired your commitment to the children – and adults – in your life. Your voice makes the most difference. Use the “share this post” button to post on social media or leave a comment below.

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  • Jane Wiatr

    Bravo Howie!!

    What a wonderful documentary. Well done and right on. I continue to use the NHA in my kindergarten classroom in Union NJ. It’ s natural and easy to do. It makes all of the intensity in the classroom rise to another level of perception, whether it is a self perception or a perception of others. The best of the best in the classroom becomes more understanding and perceptive of the needs of fellow students and those students who have a need for learning about their own intensity, smile and say I am valuable! this approach changes behavior so that my classroom is peaceful, even during stressful holiday times! LOL

    Consider taking it on the road ( as did the Road to Nowhere…they rented their documentary to schools throughout the country for 5 grand to spread the word about the homework dilemma…this is the wave of the future for the NHA). I will share your documentary with my colleagues.

    Peace and in a NHA way,


  • Lisa Lopez

    Hello and thanks, I had the opportunity to attended several of the work shops on the Nurtured Heart Approach through YDI Head Start in Abq NM. I am currently the Program Director for a YDI/-TLS program “Casa Hermosa”. We serve youth 16 to 21 who are Homeless. I am new to the program and I use the nurtured heart approach all the time and hope the staff will pick up or see how positive this approach is for all children who have had problems with the law or who have be in the system due to their parents drug use and learned behaviors. I am hoping you can provide me with material that is for older children. I plan on having my staff watch the film hopefully the longer version to get them started. Thanks so much and please send me any material you think I can start with. I am excited to get the staff started, who are in need of training. This film addressed some of my personal concerns on how the staff see the youth at casa, always looking to punish or give a consequence and never look at the positive. Help! please and thank you Lisa Lopez Program Director at Casa Hermosa.

  • Lillian Reekie

    It is great to see so many and varied people utilising and seeing the benefit from the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA). Being here in Australia I was pleased to hear Bart Traynor at the start of the video. Bart is the Director of NHA in Australia and I have personally seen Bart’s belief in passion for this approach. I have attended a few courses here in Australia as well as recently completed the 6 week online course with Howard Glasser (that was awesome). As a parent of a (now grown up) intense/challenging child, an ex teacher an author of 6 books around parenting/education and a practising parenting strategist and coach I am LOVING learning more about the NHA. I am so looking forward to the 5 day Certified Training Intensive course in March 2014 which is the first one in Australia! I encourage any educators, parents or anyone that deals with children to look at doing this course here on The Gold Coast Australia. It will be awesome! I know that with this approach I will be able to assist many more families to enjoy truly awesome, loving and fulfilling relationships with their children. Thanks Howie and I so look forward to meeting you in March. Congratulations also to all of those that contributed on the video….it was great to see your passion, belief in and commitment to the NHA. A special thank you to the young lady that showed so much courage sharing her story and how her family using NHA has assisted her. Well done, it was great to hear from tthe young persons perspective as well as the parents/educators.

  • Sarah Herbsman

    What a remarkable gift you have given to us by creating this video blog. Howie, your greatness of dedication and commitment to share this and change the lives of children all over the world is coming alive in such beautiful ways.
    Each person shares with such authentic sincerity on this video because that is what this approach is all about. I love living and teaching this approach to anyone who is willing to listen, grow and learn how this approach can literally change their life.

    “The greatest discoveries are not when you travel to new places, but being in the same place with new eyes”. That is the shift that this approach has taught me in my life and has enabled me and BLESSED me to be able to share it with others. I love being a part of this global initiative to bring out the unique greatness in each and every one of us, especially the children that everyone has given up on, the ones who need it the most. Thank you Howie and the whole team at the Children’s Success Foundation for sharing this with us so we can share it with others. You are truly a collaborative team of GREATNESS making a HUGE impact on the world. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that.

    Lots of love,

  • Catherine Whitehouse

    This is a wonderful and accurate introduction to NHA. We have been using this approach school wide at The Intergenerational School for 4 to 5 years now. As a result our inner city Cleveland school is energetic but calm, positive, and filled with learning. It is so refreshing to be able to look at a classroom and school through the lens of “what do I see that is right?” rather than the more common “what is going wrong that I need to correct?” This approach is not only highly beneficial for our kids, but also greatly reduces teacher burnout because our educators have positive and effective tools to build inner capacity in the students and decrease behavior that inhibits learning. We now have two schools in Cleveland using this approach and plans to open a third in the next school year. I am so grateful to have happened upon this approach in The Inner Wealth Initiative.

  • Nicole Semmens

    Howie- The film was wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the incredible strength of NHA. I continue to use NHA at home and at work and continue to reap extraorinary blessings because of it! People often comment on the incredible peace and comfort they feel when entering my work place (supported apartment building for previously homeless young adults with mental illness) and I absolutely attribute this to our use of NHA. My staff team is strong, committed, loving, generous, helpful, and united….and they pour their blessings onto our clients who, from the time of their interview, are challenged to stand in their Greatness and own that they are incredible people. Since using NHA more consistently, “crisis” moments, incident reports, evictions, etc have nearly disappeared. I will never stop being grateful to you for this approach…it has changed everything.

  • Kimberly Montgomery

    Hooray !! This video covers so many “moments” that I personally have experienced in my work with families and in the classroom, particularly with extreme behavior challenges. This approach has so completely transformed many of the children as well as the parents that I have had the pleasure to work with. Hearing a father say that for the first time in his life he knows what it means to “live in the moment” and actually enjoy his children, is one of the many rewards teaching this approach has brought me this year. I love the fellow in this video that said “I am the approach” . There is no need to run to the textbook , it is right here in myself and now in my family and in the people around me. Nurtured Heart , “WE are the approach” Hooray!

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