Film: Intro to NHA 2014 – Extended Version

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The Film: Introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach® 2014 ~ Extended Version



Meet Howard Glasser, Creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, as he introduces you to this globally-acclaimed relationship-based method for building inner wealth in all children and helping challenging children use their intensity successfully. In this short film (26 minute Extended Version), child-advocates and experts from around the world, share with you the impact that the Approach has had not only in their professional practice, but in their lives. Get a precious first hand glimpse of children who know the greatness of who they are and how the adults in their lives that have nurtured this truth.


Please share how the film has inspired your commitment to the children – and adults – in your life. Your voice makes the most difference. Use the “Share this Post” button below to post on social media or leave a comment below.

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  • Michal Mader

    I have been taught that, “all service given to children goes directly to God because their hearts are so pure”. The Nurtured Heart Approach reawakens that purity in adults & gives them the joy of deeper, sincere relationships along with the privilege of caring for children & shining moments of their greatness back to them. This video is a beautiful example of loving hearts shining the truth of their inner wealth for the benefit of all humanity. Thank you very much for this creation, a breeze that opens.

    With love,


  • Deb Brinker

    Great film honoring the NHA.

  • Kelly F.

    This introductory video is inspiring and clearly illustrates the AWESOME, life changing qualities of Nurtured Heart Approach. It’s a must see!

    In deep gratitude, Kelly

  • Elesha

    So much fun to see so many that I love share their power with the world. Oh and I sat for a moment to share tears of grace with Sarah….

  • Jackie McMillan

    Thanks so much for sharing this technique more broadly through the internet. I constantly seek and gather tools that build up, rather than tear down, the very real gifts autistic people have to offer to their communities, and sometimes to the world. I am very much looking forward to learning more about the Nurtured Heart Approach. It is without a doubt a major tool for positive change in all human interaction, but especially for positive change in the hearts of people who have internalized criticism to the point where they cannot see anything beneficial within themselves. This latter group is far too common in the autistic spectrum.

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