What is an NHA Certified Trainer?

An NHA Certified Trainer is someone who has participated in the NHA Certification Training Intensive once and completed all components of the training experience.  They are awarded the designation of NHA Certified Trainer and all the rights and privileges that accompany the designation which include:

  • Publicly Training others in NHA
  • 1 year membership to the NHA Trainer Network
  • Using the NHA brand in their business and marketing

What is CTI Certified Trainer Track?

The Certified Trainer Track is the complete curriculum offered to first-time participants at CTI. Both the Certified Trainer Track (first-time attendees) and the Advanced Training Track (returning attendees) are delivered concurrently. Certified Trainers and Advanced Trainers come together to learn, lead, and be mentored collectively. This creates a community of learners, coaches and experts – an ideal environment for inspiration and collaboration.

Each day there will be small group breakout sessions for Certified Trainers, led by Advanced Trainers. This provides a direct mentorship opportunity to learn from experienced NHA Trainers.

During your first experience of the 5-day CTI, you’re given a lot of material to process. After you’ve begun using NHA at home and in your profession, you will no doubt have questions, as well as experiences that can be beneficial to others. Returning to CTI a second time (or more) in the Advanced Trainer Track will support you in refining your understanding and growing your NHA leadership skills. The Advanced Trainer Track is recommended to build competency months to years after your initial certification.

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