Navigating the Holidays Using NHA


Alastair Gardiner, Greatness Profile

Alastair Gardiner, LCSW Executive Director, Nurtured Heart Approach® United Kingdom “Demonstrating Healthy Power with ‘Violent’ Children”   Visit NHA UK on the web Violent acts last [...]


Frank Picone, Greatness Profile

  “ Reclaiming At-Risk Youth”   (Since the filming of this video, Frank is now the former Executive Director of Legacy Training Institute and has now transitioned to a full-time private [...]


Important Study Provides Research Support for the Nurtured Heart Approach in Schools

By Howard Glasser When teachers, principals and school counselors first show up to learn the Nurtured Heart Approach, they are often focused on a “micro” level of change. They want to help [...]


Better Broadband

So many treatment colleagues have shared that prior to finding an approach that really works to turn a child’s intensity to greatness, they felt no recourse other that to look for ways to [...]