Warren County Learning Center

Location: Franklin, OH

Demographics: The Warren County Learning Center is a separate public school special education facility which provides services in grades 1-12 for  63 students experiencing social and emotional problems. The students have been identified as children with various disabilities such as, mental health disorders, autism, and other health impairments.

Success of NHA: The cost from the Warren County Clinical Fund has gone from $1,100 per child in 2001 to $167 in 2010. Not only has the school saved the taxpayer money but it has been successful in keeping children in their homes out of residential placements, hospitalizations and foster placements.

Leadership: Pam Harsacky, Director

Personal Statement:

I became familiar with the Nurtured Heart Approach in 2001 during the course of the first year of Warren County Learning Center and completely changed the foundation of the program. The results were astounding!  Students began building positive relationships with peers and staff, remaining in the classroom vs. being sent home or sitting in the hall or principal’s office, progressing academically and demonstrating enjoyment at being in school. In 2003, I became an NHA Advanced Trainer and I now train every employee from secretary to teacher to custodian in our building in the NHA.

Warren County Currently serves sixty three students from fifteen school districts.  Districts send children from a various counties due to the quality of our program. One child rides one and a half hours each way per day for the Nurtured Heart Approach at WCLC!

The goal for our school is for our students to build Inner Wealth® and strength while learning new social and coping skills to return to their to their home schools and be successful. Each year we have students returning to their home schools and making a successful transition.

The Warren County Learning Center has also been successful fiscally for our community. Many of our students are involved in the foster or court system. The Clinical Committee is a body responsible for a large amount of designated money to place children who have behaviors or mental health issues too severe to remain in their homes.  With the success of the Nurtured Heart Approach in our school and training of teachers and parents the cost from the Clinical Fund  has gone from $1,100 per child in 2001 to $167 in 2010. Not only have we saved the taxpayer money but we have keep children in their homes out of residential placements, hospitalizations and foster placements.


% of Diagnosis (ADD, ODD, Autism, etc): 100%

Special Education Utilization: 100%

Major Challenges: Each student at Warren County Learning Center has extensive special needs. Before the implementation of NHA disciplinary action was vast and required a huge amount of administrator focus.


Date of Inception of NHA: 2001

Primary NHA Trainer/Implementer: Pam Harsacky

% of Staff Trained in NHA: 100%

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