Introducing the STAR Program (Sustained Training and Relationship Program)

STAR will replace OGS (Organizational Group Status).

It is the intention of the STAR Program to provide an affordable way to continue the consistently high level of Nurtured Heart Approach® training for the organization’s NHA Certified Trainers, NHA Advanced Trainers and staff.

Participation in the STAR Program ensures that the organization will continue to teach and train NHA at it’s highest and most dynamic level with complete fidelity and enjoy all of its many benefits.



STAR has been developed for organizations that send a large group of employees to attend a Certification Training Intensive (CTI). Your organization must have at least one (1) NHA Certified Advanced Trainer (AT), and one (1) NHA Certified Trainer (CT) in good standing on staff.  If your organization meets these requirements and would like to become part of our STAR program, you simply need to contact our STAR COORDINATOR, Stephanie Rule, to get the process started!  If your organization is approved for the STAR program, these are the next steps:

1. Organization submits STAR Contract
2. Organization appoints NHA Liaison
3. NHA Liaison submits complete Annual Report to CSF
4. NHA Liaison attends CTI every 2 years
5. Trainers receive 6 hours of Ongoing Training annually overseen by their NHA Liaison
6. Trainers receive 6 hours of CSF-created training every 3 years

STAR was designed to provide built-in support from CSF for your organization, while making it more affordable for staff to be trained at the CTI.  You will submit an annual report to the  STAR Program Coordinator (SPC) and receive an annual telephone conference with the CSF Director of Training or SPC, to monitor the implementation and reporting of the program, expand ideas for how NHA can be used in your organization, and respond to the unique needs and challenges of NHA in your organization,  The Program Coordinator will provide a copy of the annual report to each organization.


Organizational Group Status (OGS) was the original program designed to provide a method for organizations to support and sustain NHA in a financially feasible way. In an effort to perfect the program, we created our new STAR program.  If your organization was a member of the OGS program, we would love to have you join our STAR program! We want to provide your organization with the structure, support and fidelity it deserves to keep your NHA environment healthy and flourishing.

If your organization is interested in learning more about STAR and would like to apply, or your organization was a part of the old OGS program, please contact the STAR Program Coordinator, Stephanie Rule at

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