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  • "The atmosphere permeating the halls and classrooms throughout our campus is noticeably calm, quiet, warm, and cheerful. More than a few visitors often ask if there are students in the building because they don't hear or see noisy, loud, disruptive sounds and students in our space. I attribute the loving, positive energy generated by staff and students, in part, to the heart shift that occurs in Nurtured Heart Approach. We are all better able to see and appreciate what is great about everyone we encounter."

    Dr. JoAnne Woodard
    Dr. JoAnne Woodard Principle, Sallie B. Howard School

Location: Wilson, NC

Principle: Dr. JoAnne Woodard

Population Served: Serves predominantly African American students grades K-8.

Description of School: Established in 1997, Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts & Education is a free, independent, public charter school in Wilson, N.C. that serves over 800 students in grades K-8. The charter to operate the Howard School was awarded by the state to the Youth Enrichment Program of Wilson, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1989 by Dr. JoAnne Woodard to raise the educational achievement aspirations of at-risk children. Their mission is to provide every child – privileged or underprivileged – the kind of education that nurtures students’ gifts, talents, and potential to become more than they ever thought they would be. Sallie B. Howard is preparing its students today to become 21st century global citizens tomorrow.

Principal JoAnne Woodard is a phenomenal force of love and is a huge proponent of the Nurtured Heart Approach. The Approach now infuses Howard School, with more than 80% of its facility certified as NHA Trainers. Howard Glasser has personally visited the school to applaud their efforts and soak in their Greatness. Children’s Success Foundation awarded SBHS the designation of NHA Endorsed Organization in 2013 when SBHS met the rigorous requirements, training over 80% of the staff in NHA, as well as engaging in continuing education and community development with NHA. Sallie B Howard is certainly transforming lives.

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