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Nurtured Heart Approach® is considered an evidence informed practice based on existing research and anecdotal evidence. Currently, Children’s Success Foundation is working with outside organizations to compile the necessary research to be established as evidence-based (timeline yet unknown). Anecdotal data is being compiled in a variety of treatment, community and educational situations. This “boots on the ground” testament to the effectiveness of NHA comes from several of the thousands of homes, classrooms and treatment agencies that use NHA world-wide.

Changing how ADHD is treated – CURRENT RESEARCH – University of Arizona

Testing the Efficacy of the Nurtured Heart Approach® Among Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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NDSU Research

Research at North Dakota State University shows that NHA is an evidence-informed practice. Joel Hektner, Associate Professor in Human Development and Family Science at North Dakota State University, describes his research study titled A Review of the Nurtured Heart Approach to Parenting, An Evaluation of Its Theoretical and Empirical Foundations which was published in the peer review journal Family Process (April 2013).

A Nonrandomized Evaluation of a Brief Nurtured Heart Approach Parent Training Program, (puclished October 2016) 

Nielsen Thesis

NHA Advanced Trainer, Stacy Nielsen was awarded an MA from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2012 based on her thesis:
You’re Fun, You’re Funny, and You Dress Good! A Classroom Social Skills Intervention with a Nurtured Heart Touch and Its Effect on Prosocial Behavior and Motivation to Learn – explores the connections between NHA, Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports, and the instruction of social skills.

UofA Data Collection

Masters in Public Health candidate, Elena Montaño-Rock of University of Arizona, has presented her Internship Report, titled:
Evaluate Data for the Nurtured Heart Approach in Preparation for Evidence-based Research . Montaño-Rock’s work gathers and synthesizes anecdotal data from eighteen sources that are implementing NHA, which were comprised of schools, mental health clinics, group home facilities, private clinicians, and parents.

Glasser Journal Article

Howard Glasser, Creator of NHA, published an article in a Best Practices Journal in the spring of 2000 outlining the impact of NHA in the realms of school outcomes, foster care & treatment, recidivism, cost effectiveness, among other considerations.

Notable Media

The Drugging of the American Boy, Esquire, Mar 27, 2014

The Drugging of the American Boy by Ryan D’Agostino, shares insight into NHA, with Howard Glasser as one of the contributors.

Anecdotal Evidence

The resources below will give you a view onto how NHA is creating transformation in various organizations.

Greatness Profiles

NHA Spotlight

DCF Awarded $12 Million SAMHSA Grant to Support Children’s Mental Health Services Expansion

Grant Provides Opportunity to Enhance Lives for Youth with Behavioral Challenges
July 23, 2015

DCF plans to engage Rutgers University’s Center for State Health Policy to conduct a return on investment study to help DCF make future resource allocation decisions.  This portion of the study will affect all children within CSOC.

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