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It is our mission at the Children’s Success Foundation to provide accessible, comprehensive training to schools, therapeutic agencies and advocacy organizations, as well as entire districts who are committed to implementing the Nurtured Heart Approach® as an effective strategy to increase positive outcomes. To this aim, we have partnered with iCohere, our online learning platform collaborators, to offer groups spectacular discounts on NHA Online Courses.


Benefits of Agency-Wide Online Training:

Jean Hollowell, CSF Executive Director


Group Registration for Exploring NHA Course:

Bonnie, iCohere Course Administrator


Group Registration for Foundations of NHA Course:

Alex, iCohere Course Administrator


Exploring NHA Course Group Rates

$50 each – 10-100 registrants
$30 each – for each person over 100 registrants
$20 each – for CEs (optional)

Exploring NHA Registration: Here's How It Works

Contact: Bonnie, iCohere Course Administrator


  • Your organization pays in advance for the number of registrations you plan to use (minimum of ten people).
  • You pay by a single check or one credit card transaction.
    If paying by credit card, we will send you a link to complete the payment transaction.
  • Because we are offering such a steep discount for groups, we are not able to offer any refunds for any reason.
  • You will receive a link to sign in to the course and a registration code you can circulate to the people you wish to give access to.
  • People can begin the course anytime; your code does not have an expiration date. The benefit is, you can have everyone join in at the same time or else stagger people over time.
  • Because of the 24/7 on demand format of this course, once a participant has signed in with the special access code, that participant will have 90 days to review the material.
  • If your organization wants to add more people than you first paid for, you can add more at the same rate per person as you initially paid (e.g., if you paid for 10 people at $50 each, you could add 2 more people at $50 each. Once you reach 101 participants, the rate would go down to the 101 + rate of $30 for each additional registrant).
  • There will be a $20 surcharge per person for CEs (optional); this fee is shared with the provider of CEs, therefore we are unable to waive it.
  • Either the organization could pay for CEs or the individual students could pay for it themselves at the end of the course.
Foundations of NHA Course Group Rates

Early Bird Group pricing :
Group of 8-49 people: $169 per person without CEs
Group of 50 or more people: $139 per person without CEs

General Group pricing:
Groups of 8-49 people: $209 per person without CEs
Groups of 50 or more people: $179 per person without CEs

$20 each person – for CEs (optional)

Foundations of NHA Registration: Here's How It Works

Contact: Alex, iCohere Course Administrator


Your organization contacts our online training partner, iCohere Inc. (merwan@icohere.com) and

(1) submits a list of names and email addresses for all registrants (minimum of 8 people) and

(2) makes payment in advance by check, credit card, or approved purchase order.
Within two weeks of your group payment, each person in your group will receive an individual confirmation email that includes further instructions about joining the course.

If some individuals in your group want to take the course for CEs, an additional $20 each should be paid with the registration fees of those particular students. However, students can also opt to choose the CE track during the course by paying the additional $20 fee at any time and doing the CE work required, including any retroactive work since the start of the course.

Because we are offering such a steep discount for groups, we cannot give refunds for any reason. However, we can offer to switch the names of individual participants in your group as needed, if you provide to iCohere the names and email addresses of those dropping and adding on. We can also accept payment to add additional students to your group later, at the same rate.

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