NHA Trainer Library

{Compiled Exclusively for NHA Trainers}

Using the NHA Trainer Library

This NHA Trainer Library has been lovingly created to provide you with most (if not all) of the information you will need to be successful in your role as an NHA Trainer. Please use the resources provided in this Library before contacting CSF with your questions (we are a small and diligently working staff).

We celebrate the integrity of NHA Trainers. Your compliance of the requests below shows how responsible, committed and fair you are and that you are committed to work collaboratively for the best good of NHA and the people we serve. Thank you!

  1. These documents are updated frequently, especially those outlining responsibilities of NHA Trainers. Please re-read occasionally.
  2. There are several key Structural Documents that are your responsibility to be fully aware of. Please read them carefully.
  3. “Structural Documents” are NOT to be shared. Other NHA Trainers must access these documents directly from this Library.
  4. Legal Note: Any violation of these requests will be presented to the Ethics Committee and could result in the revocation of your designation as a NHA Trainer and your permission to use the Registered Trademarked name Nurtured Heart Approach®.
About CSF - To Use in Your Promotions

The mission of the Children’s Success Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, is to advance the work of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, a dynamic relationship-focused methodology that builds Inner Wealth® in children, empowering them to channel their intensity in productive ways, ensuring their successful future.

To nurture success, the Children’s Success Foundation trains and certifies parents, educators, treatment professionals, foster parents and communities in the Nurtured Heart Approach.

For more information, please visit: www.ChildrensSuccessFoundation.com

NHA Brochure - Trainer Edition for Purchase

CSF has designed and printed NHA Brochures that you can use and customize for your business/outreach purposes. There is a space on the back on which you can affix your card or address label.

For more information & ordering, please visit: www.ChildrensSuccessFoundation.com/nha-brochure-purchase

  • Rates for the brochures have increased slightly to cover the cost of increased postage rates.

Brochures can also be purchased at the Certification Training Intensive at the Bookstore table.

NHA Elevator Pitches

At each CTI Trainers have an opportunity to gather their thoughts about how to describe NHA in 1 minute or less. This is commonly called an elevator pitch. Here are some of the elevator pitches that have been submitted to CSF. We hope thay will inspire you or be fodder for your own word smithing.

If you have not shared yours already, please do so now (it’s never too late). Simply email Registrar.CSF@gmail.com with your elevator pitch and the city and year of your last CTI.

To read the Elevator Pitches: www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/library/nha-elevator-pitches/

Contact Info

General Inquiries: info@ChildrensSuccessFoundation.com

Jean Hollowell, Executive Director (CA): ExecutiveDirector.CSF@gmail.com

Tanya Fraizer, Director of Trainer Network (ND): DirectorofTrainerNetwork.CSF@gmail.com

Brittany Stewart, Trainer & Customer Support; Registrar (CA):

Sarah Muehler, Bookstore Manager, IT Specialist (MN):  sarahm.csf@gmail.com

Jan Hunter, IT Specialist; NHA Podcast Producer (OK): janc.csf@gmail.com

Nancy Haas-Depa, Marketing Specialist (CA):

Matt Steinborn, Data and Research Specialist (MN):

Stephanie Rule, STAR program, Trainer Network Assistant (CA)

Post CTI Trainer Info
Free NHA eCourse

The 3 Stands™ of NHA Free eCourse: www.ChildrensSuccessFoundation.com/the-3-stands-ecourse/

Free NHA eCourse

2016 – CTI Flyer to share with your friends, colleagues and community via print, email or social media.  Click here to download your printable file!

2016 Foundations of NHA Course Flyer.  Print and share at your workshops or offices.  Click Here for your copy.

2016 Foundations of NHA Course Flyer for Trainers only.  Learn more about a special discount.  Click Here  Not to be shared with the public or non-trainers. 

Update Your Contact Information

Please use the Trainer Contact Update Form to update your contact information in the confidential CSF database.

Register or Update Your Referral Listing

Please use the Referral Listing Request Form to register for or update your Referral Listing on the NHA Practitioners webpage.

Let CSF Promote Your Live NHA Event

Please let us know about your NHA live event by filling out the Trainer Sponsored Event Submission Form. We will post your event on social Media and on the CSF website Event Calendar.

NHA Trainer Network

To view a brief overview of the Trainer Network: http://www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/nha-trainer-network/

To Register for the NHA Trainer Network: http://www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/library/trainer-network-level-1-registration/

For existing members, Trainer Network Member Sign In: http://childrenssuccessfoundation.com-train.me/login

All VTMs and some resources have been updated (July 2015)  A NEW coaching resource is now available – NHA Coaching Process – 05-31-15(1)

Social Media

Facebook – NHA (closed group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/6151118971/ (open to the public and trainers – however, only members can post and view the messages)

Facebook – NHA Trainers (private group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/219330914744601/  (open only to trainers in good standing – members can post and view messages)

Linked In – The Nurtured Heart Approach® Group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Nurtured-Heart-Approach-2508738?gid=2508738&trk=hb_side_g

Twitter  – @CSFisGreatness

Pinterest – Children’s Success Foundation – we’re just launching.  Follow us for NHA ideas.

CSF Blog: http://www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/blog/

Structural Documents

NHA Fidelity Agreement
NEW UPDATES!  Print keep a copy of this latest version (February 1, 2016)

General Release and Indemnification (updated February 1 2016)

NHA Formal Review Agreement

CSF Media Release – Adult – When submitting video, please have all ADULTS in the video sign this release, including yourself if you are in the video

CSF Media Release – Minor – When submitting video, please have PARENT/GUARDIAN of all minor children in the video sign this release. FOSTER CHILDREN are not to be filmed in video (prohibited by law).

NHA Video Submission Guidelines

Continuing Education Information

Book Case Discounts

Please contact Alan at our *NEW* fulfillment warehouse, Brigham Distributing.

Full Case: $10 per book (any title)

Mixed Case: 40% off cover price of each book

Phone: 435-723-6611

Email: alan@brighamdistributing.com

(If you will be ordering cases using an Agency Billing or Shipping address, you will need NEW vendor information as all case orders will go through Nurtured Heart Publications.  Contact Jan for a copy of the W-9)