For International Groups of 3 or more, contact the Registrar, for information regarding registration.

Certification Training Intensive (CTI) Group Rates for organizations:


1. Certified Trainer (CT) Track Discount:
Groups 2-9:           Regular rates apply (Early Bird $1999/General $2199)
Groups 10 – 19:     $1799
Groups 20+:         $1650
STAR:                     $1500

2. Advanced Trainer (AT) Track Discount:
Groups 2-9:         Regular rates apply (Early Bird $750/General $950)
Groups 10-19:     $650
Groups 20+:       $600
STAR:                  $550

Other Discounted Offers cannot be combined with the Group Discount Rate (ie: scholarships, spouse discount or other additional promotional offers).  Example: If you or a member of your group  is a recipient of a scholarship, or attending as a spouse of a trainer, that individual may not be included in a group AND use the scholarship and/or spouse discount.


1. Before you complete the Group Notification Form, please read the information on the following page and share this Questionnaire with all potential group members.  As the Liaison, you are responsible for ensuring that all group members are sufficiently prepared for the training and the pre-requisite is met BEFORE your group members complete their individual registration form.
All group members must be from the same school/organization/agency.  If your group would encompass more than one campus, contact the Registrar.
Group Liaison should complete the Group Notification Form (links below). Upon receipt of that notification, CSF will provide additional instruction for registration of group members via email.  Please provide a personal email address for each member of your group.  This is essential for completing registration successfully.

2. Again, individual group members should meet the prerequisite PRIOR to completing their personal registration.  If there are any questions regarding this step, please contact

3. Current CSF registrations require the use of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  Internet Explorer is NOT user friendly.

4. A welcome email will be sent to each registrant following their registration.


1. One NHA certified trainer within the Organization must serve as the CTI Group Liaison.

2. The Group Liaison will be the primary contact between CSF Registrar and group members.

3. If your group numbers or members change, please notify the CSF Registrar.  All prerequisites need to be met prior to registration for the CTI. Changing members of your group will incur an administrative fee.


1.  Group members must complete the “survey” provided by the Liaison and be approved before being added to the group by the Liaison.
2.  Group members must complete the prerequisite PRIOR to completing the registration process.
3.  Group members MUST complete an individual registration form using the link provided in their invitation to register or the link provided by the Registrar.



1. Liaison must be in attendance at all CTI sessions.

2. Liaison must be in touch with all group members during the course of the training and relay any organization-related messages from CSF directly to your group.



1. Pay by Check: The CTI tuition for the entire group must be paid in full in the form of a check.

2. You may add additional members to your group up to 14 days prior to the training.  An admin fee will be added to the invoice.   Members must register within 24 hours of notification of the addition to the Registrar.

 To complete the Group Notification form, please select the correct link below for the correct training:
2018 CTI Minneapolis MN
Groups 2 – 9
Groups 10 – 19
Groups 20+

2018 CTI West Orange NJ
Groups 2 – 9
Groups 10 – 19
Groups 20+



1. The first post CTI messages are sent the last day of the CTI following graduation.  Please invite your group members to check their emails.

2. *** A year’s subscription to the Trainer Network is included with the tuition fees for those attending their first CTI (as a Certified Trainer [CT]).  An Advanced Trainer (AT) may purchase a subscription to the Trainer Network or renew their subscription at the current rate which will be shared in the CTI follow up email sent Friday as well.

We look forward to supporting your group to gain mastery of NHA!

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